Peeps Platform - Overview

The Peeps Platform

Official Peeps Overview, updated Dec 2022

Everybody wins on Peeps, because everybody earns

Peeps is the first social content platform that rewards both the creators and the fans.
Remodeling the creator economy in a fair and exciting way, Peeps removes the usual hurdles faced by the market participants such as high fees, censorship, unaligned incentives between the creators and their public, centralized authority, etc.
Discover a world of engaging content on which fans can stake to earn their share, by providing social proof to creators. Anyone can become a trend making creator with Peeps - no boundaries, only opportunities.

So, what is the Peeps Platform?

The Peeps Platform is a decentralized social monetization platform, where Users and Creators profit from popular content and channels. Followers earn a high yield through staking on content - and empower Creators to increase revenues through a social-proof mechanism called #NameStaking. On top of this, it is built on the ultra scaling solution Polygon.
Everybody can easily earn on the Peeps Platform:
  • Become a Creator and earn by selling your content
  • Earn as a fan by #NameStaking on your favourite Creators
  • Mint your Content as an NFT
  • Benefit from a dynamic and liquid market of NFTs
  • Stay anonymous if you want
  • Earn Royalties from your content for a lifetime

What is it all about?

#NameStaking: endorse a Creator and earn With #NameStaking, Peeps gives the ownership back to the actual Users of the platform. Everyone benefits from profitable content. All in a trustless environment to generate revenues while enjoying content. And since everyone can benefit, everyone should join and participate.
Everyone has the freedom to decide on their income level Any User can start channels, create content, and share it with their followers. A channel can be free-to-follow or subscription-based, generating revenue for the creator. Via #NameStaking, other Users (or fans) can capitalize on the success of a channel by endorsing the content. Everyone can stake on a channel and receive a high APY paid through the creators’ earnings.
Why is Peeps revolutionary? The Peeps Platform reshapes the creator economy by making earning almost natural. The Creators and their Community should be the one becoming influential, known, admired and wealthy. Not the big centralized platforms. Peeps is the first platform to align the interests of Creators and Users, for the first time ever.
This is how everybody wins on Peeps.