The Peeps Solution

What if Content Platforms were not zero-sum games? With Peeps, the winner isn't a centralized authority, it's the participants. The Peeps Platform empowers fair rewards and exciting content. Everybody wins.

Putting the Creator and Fans in the middle

For too long, the creator economy was a one-way, buy-and-consume market. There was no way for a Creator's community to endorse their work and benefit from their support.

Peeps introduces #NameStaking, an innovative way to team-up Creators and their Community. Followers can support their favorite creator and earn rewards by staking their PME tokens on their channel. Creators are being endorsed and given visibility by the community. Everybody earns when the channel generates more revenue and content demanded successful.

No commissions: the earnings stay where they belong

On the Peeps platform, there are no commissions of any kind. Whenever someone purchases access to content, the creator perceives the biggest chunk of it and all the rest goes back to the community. Instead of making a centralized platform richer, the community benefits from every transaction.

Decentralized & community owned

As a community-led platform with its own decentralized governance, built in a trustless, permissionless manner, Peeps already by design cannot force Users to disclose anything about themselves. Everyone is free from any central authority that can do whatever they like with personal data. A wallet is a free entrance ticket into the world of true ownership.

Capitalizing on the platform, Users participate in its governance and are the ones deciding changes.

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