Platform Features

Who can participate, what are the roles, and how does it all work?

Who can join? Everyone can!

The Peeps Platform should be perceived as a Platform where Creators can truly connect with their Community without the need to be verified with a centralized party. The core of the Platform is powered and governed by the community, in which Users and Creators have true ownership over their content and work together to increase their earnings or influence.

What are the roles?

To simplify it, there are 'regular' Users and there are Creators. Creators can start a channel (or more than one), design content, and share it with their Followers. Users can engage with content and bet on channels through #NameStaking to earn the $PME token.

On the one side, these channels can be free to follow or subscription-based, generating revenue for the Creator. While on the other side, fans can capitalize on the success of a channel by endorsing the content via #NameStaking and pushing the internal ranking of the channel higher, exposing it to an even bigger audience. Everyone can stake on a channel and earn together with the Creator.

Good to know: While the main roles and functionalities are set for the initial launch by the founding team - the future of the platform will be decided in a decentralized manner through governance votings. Join the discord channel to stay informed about this.

What are the core functions?

Everyone can:

  • Create individually designed channels to showcase their content (photos, videos, text, music, streams, and much more).

  • Monetize these channels in various forms - or make it free for everybody.

  • Bet on existing channels to be eligible for part of its generated revenues.

  • Deploy content in channels as NFTs.

  • Decide on lifetime royalties to earn and own forever.

  • Consume and engage with content and its Creators.

  • Earn through various monetization features on the platform.

  • Stay anonymous or become a public figure.

  • Buy, sell and trade NFTs.

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