Structure and Roles

It is worth separating 2 types of roles in the system - protocol layer roles and business roles. The roles of the protocol include:

  1. Infrastructure providers: holders of machines with deployed components of Peeps. The specifics of this role changes throughout the rollout stages of the project. Keep track of this in the Roadmap and join our Discord server for our announcement channel.

  2. Platform developers. Initially it is the core team of the project, but based on our Roadmap and Vision (Stage 3) this group will be decentralized. Not only in the governance and direction of the Platform as such, but also its enforcement.

Users: use the functionality of the system to perform their own tasks. This role is worth considering in more detail as this is what will be seen and used by the 'regular' user. Before participating in the trustless and permissionless Platform, every User creates an account...

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