Right time and tech

With the steady growth of the ownership economy now is the right time to create the new Creator Economy. Because this is what communities want, need and deserve. On top of that, the right technology is here to allow for it: scalable Blockchains.

The right time

The creator market is booming. The most popular answer to “what do you want to do when you grow up” from kids is now YouTuber or Influencer. In the day and age of the internet, the metaverse and the WFH culture, the amount of content to be created grows every second. Centralized platforms are putting insane limits to Creators’ potential - because everyone depends on them.

The general public has now heard about NFTs. For a good reason: this is just the beginning of something huge. NFTs are not just getting traction for publishing and trading pictures, they are getting more and more use-cases day by day, which the Peeps Platform is integrating. True ownership brings real fairness.

The right tech

But how can one mint and exchange blockchain content when the transaction costs are massive? Decentralized scalability is needed. The ability to execute smart contracts for little to no cost is needed. This is why the Peeps Platform is built on Polygon, a lightning fast chain, L2 of Ethereum.

Peeps couldn’t dream of a better partner. Polygon’s scalability comes at a time when the market craves for mass adoption of affordable NFTs.

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