Polygon ft. Peeps

Peeps is built on Polygon, the leading infrastructure project for Ethereum scalability. There are many reasons to do that. Building the next-generation social content platform on Polygon is a no-brainer, given all the outstanding properties of the Polygon framework:

  • Significantly lower fees While Polygon has gas expenses up to 1000x cheaper than Ethereum. Even though Polygon had to hike its gas prices 30x to deter spammers — gas fees of just $0.02 among the top chains are still the lowest in the entire industry.

  • Daily growing community Exponential user adoption rate and being one of few Layer 2 solutions compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine).

  • Faster Transaction throughput Polygon processes 65,000 transactions per second, with a block confirmation time of under two seconds. Meanwhile, Ethereum can only handle an average of 30 transactions per second, and this fast throughput is crucial for people looking for a reliable way to transact.

  • Decentralization Another reason why Polygon is the best option for the Peeps Platform lies in its dual-strategy proof-of-stake and fraud prevention capabilities. In short, no one person or entity has complete control over what goes into the user’s blockchain wallet — these security protocols and network decentralization ensures user funds are safe.

  • Polygon supports its partners at every stage of development Analytics and Security audit: Dune Analytics supports Polygon projects with analytics dashboards. With the launch of a bounty program, Dune works closely with the community members and partners to better understand users’ data needs for a superior experience. In addition to this and stamp Polygon’s stance and commitment towards Security, discounts on audits are consistently made available for all Polygon projects through partnerships with top cybersecurity firms around the industry.

    Technical and Infrastructure support: Polygon is a resource for developers to quickly build and scale their projects with special developer packages available on Tenderly, Akash Network, Gelato, Certora, and other platforms through PolyBuilder’s access to those partners’ tooling projects — Peeps can take advantage of the power of decentralization with storage solutions like these. Technical support is just one avenue to tap into — in house developers are also available for advice or troubleshooting.

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