Channel Creation

Users don't need any permissions to get the content maker role. To do this, users simply create a new channel in the interface after connecting their wallet. Each channel has a unique identifier generated upon creation. It is also possible to bind a human-readable channel identifier through which it will be searched in the Explore function of the Platform.

Every channel has the functionalities to...

  • Let their owner create a post into the channel, which becomes instantly the Creators' asset for a lifetime.

  • Be followed for free (so that every post can be displayed in Users’ newsfeeds).

  • Be followed through a subscription (different tiers of subscriptions are possible, such as free, basic, advanced and premium, with different pricing and benefits).

  • Be staked on and yield a return to its Stakers (#NameStaking).

  • Be sold with all its content and subscribers (almost like you sell a start-up).

  • Get into the internal 'Top List' and get more exposure.

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