Business Core Team

Aaron G. - CEO

Grew revenue and built successful sales teams in Meltwater and Volkswagen Group. Spends his free time in the depth of Crypto Discord and browsing Discogs.
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Jarvis C. - Asian Pacific Operations

Led the digital transformation in Microsoft Japan and SAP & Accenture. Is the Go-to Person when it comes to our Asian Community.

Sabir A. - Business Development

Recognized expert in global corporate structures and cryptocurrency frameworks. Anything related to crypto and legal - the prof knows it.

Natan A. - Partnerships

Mentors the Blockchain Center in Vilnius and just recently raised for Kernolab (FinTech) 1m+ $USD.

Fil - Design

He designs things and gave birth to our Peepsie.

Adrien M. - Community Manager

Designed and implemented innovative solutions in CrΓ©dit Mutuel Arkea and Lotus Cars.

Kirill G. - Business Development

Our very own rising talent. One of the most enthusiastic human being about cryptocurrencies.

IT & Tech Core

Alexander M. - CTO

Had an exit of his start-up and his Golang is more fluent than your English.

Alexander B.- Blockchain & Infrastructure

If someone knows how to architecture crypto blockchain projects, it's the team behind Byzantine Solutions.

Olexander K. - Blockchain & Infrastructure

Core member of Distributed Labs, which is a team of Blockchain devs who participated in the Stellar Protocol, are led by Pavel Kravchenko and are invested by top tier investor Teddy Sagi.